Electrical, Instrumentation, Construction, Piping, Air Conditioning and Control Systems

Engineering & Desinging

Design Softwares

  • Autocad
  • Aveva
  • Eplan
  • DIALux, RELux
  • Smart Plant

Elektrik Sistemleri Şartnameleri

  • Electrical System Specification and Calculations
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Load Lists
  • Cable Size and Voltage Drop Calculation
  • Lighting System Selection and Calculation
  • Earthing Calculation Report

Detail Engineering Instrument

  • Wiring Diagrams (Loop, Junction Box)
  • Cable Block Diagrams
  • Instrument / Cable / Coil List / Conduit Schedules
  • Installation & Hook Up Details
  • Control and Panel Room Layouts
  • Cable and Cable Tray Routing
  • Instruments and Junction Box Locations Layouts
  • Instrumentation MTOs

Detail Engineering Electric

  • Low Voltage Power Distrubiton
  • Meduim Voltage Power Distrubution
  • Electrical Equipment Lists and Layouts
  • Installation Details
  • Cable Tray and Conduit Routing Plans and Installation Details
  • Electrical Cable Routing Plans
  • Lightning Protection & Grounding Systems
  • Lighting System Layout Details
  • Electrical MTOs

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems - Procurement Engineering

  • Material Requisitions
  • Technical Bid Evaluations
  • Vendor Follow Up
  • FAT & SAT

I&C System Specifications and Data Sheets

  • Data Sheets and Instrument calculations
  • Cable Way, Cabling Systems and Accessories
  • Weak Current Systems
  • Fire and Gas Detection Systems

Control Systems

  • ICSS, DCS, SIS, PLC, Scada Specification
  • System Architecture
  • Signal List

Civil, Structure and Piping Designing Activities

If you need other other discipline designing activities, we can support you with our partners.