Electric And Instrumentation



  • Pressure, differantial pressure, temperature transmitters amd gauges, PSV, orifice plate, annubar, pneumatic and motorised valve calibrations and checks
  • Main and secondary cable tray installations
  • Installation of all type panels and junction boxes
  • Installation of all type in-line and on-line instruments
  • Pneumatic line installations and leak tests
  • Welded and other type of hook-up fabrication, installation and leak tests
  • Cable pulling, loop tests and commissioning
  • Performing all QA/QC activities and documentation necessities


  • Infrastructure mechanical works like cable tray, conduit
  • Earthing/grounding and lightning installations and tests
  • LV, MV and HV cable pulling, connection and tests
  • Installations, tests and commissioning of all type transformer, panel, switchgear, busbar, ups&dcp and battery systems and generator
  • Lighting and socket systems installations, tests and commissioning of civil and process sites
  • Installations, MSR tests and commissioning of LV and MV motors
  • Performing all QA/QC activities and documentation necessities


  • Scada and telecom systems (CCTV,PAGA, Access control,…) installations and tests
  • Fire fighting and gas detection system (FGD, FFS, Vesda) installations and tests
  • Heat tracing installations, cold and hot cable tests and commissioning
  • Cathodic protection installation, tests and comissioning