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  • DCS, PLC Panels FAT/SAT Tests
  • Instrumantation Test and Commissioning Activities
    • Instruments Calibration and Verifications
    • Instrumentation Supervizing
    • Instrumentation Cold Loop Check Activities
    • Instrumentation Hot Loop check Activities
    • Instrumentation projects as builts activities
  • Fire and Gas systems Test and Commissioning
  • HVAC Systems Design, Construction, Test and Commissioning
  • Energy Monitoring Systems Test and Commissioning
  • Automation Systems, PLC, DCS, LOGO tst and commissioning
    • Siemens PLC systems S7 families (1200,1500,300,400, 400H)
    • Honeywell Exceperion DCS
    • Emerson Ovation DCS
    • Yokogawa Centrum DCS
    • AllanBrandlye ControlŞLogix/Compact Logix PLCs
    • DeltaV DCS


  • Grounding Resistance Measurements
  • Illumination Lux Value Measurements
  • Electrical Panel and Breaker Tests
    • Insulation resistance measurement
    • Role Coordination Setting
    • Voltage Transformer Test
    • Current Transformer Test
    • Main Bus and Auxiliary Circuits Hipot Test
    • Function Tests
    • MCCB Switch Tests
    • Contact transition resistance measurement
  • Transformer Tests
    • Transformer Converter Ratio Test
    • Transformer primary and secondary windings insulation resistance test
    • Current Transformer Tests
    • Transformer function tests
    • Test of transformer oil hole
    • Bucholz role test
    • Transformer izatiho protection tests
    • Function test
  • Motor Driver Settings and tests

Team’s Experience Overview

Electrical, Instrumentation and Control Systems team has more 15 years experience

Knowledge Areas

Oil and Gas Plants

More than 10 projects has been completed

Power Plants

More than 15 projects has been completed

LNG Plants

More than 3 projects has been completed

Industrial Facilities

More than 8 projects has been completed

Smart Buildings

More than 5 projects has been completed

Petrochemical Facilities

More than 5 projects has been completed

Iron and Steel Facilities

More than 5 projects has been completed

Air Separation Plants

More than 4 projects has been completed

Industrial Buildings

More than 10 projects has been completed